What can K9 Entries do for my club, and how does it work?

In very broad terms, the Trial secretary sets up competitions as and when they need. Clubs may use their PayPal account (if they have one) to accept payment (just need to do some setting up for this) and the payments go directly to the club from the competitor. Alternatively, they can use other methods of payment (the usual cheque, money order, direct transfer, etc).

Competitors can then enter the trial online and for those who send in their paper entries, there is an area where the trial secretary can add them in also. Similarly, the trial secretary can view and edit/withdraw entries received.

Results can be entered online, or the club may prefer to download the data entered (comes as a CSV file) and import it into a program they are using. Note: it is worth checking that the club have internet access at the grounds (can be done via mobile phone tethering or a dongle, etc) before attempting to enter results online. Some clubs use tablets, some use laptops (just be wary of how the weather may affect your equipment).

The trial secretary can download scoresheets for all classes. These will be blank if no results are entered, and will contain the result details if they have been entered in the website.

There is a section where the trial secretary can tick off who they have received payment from (the entry form also allows people to split their payment - which is useful if you use 'funny money' - this will be displayed in the payment status list also).

All of the post competition reports can be printed from the website (with result details populated where results have been entered online).

For ANKC clubs, the trial secretary can also print off catalogue numbers (there is a page where you edit your running orders for each class, and allocate the catalogue numbers), and labels with competitor names on for the envelopes that the catalogue numbers go in.

The catalogue/running order can be downloaded by competitors (and the trial secretary). It will be shown as draft until the trial secretary ticks the box to say it's final draft.

If entering results online, the trial secretary can generate the quali cards (and the website will determine placings and any challenge points if ANKC, etc).

The trial secretary can also download a results report (as can competitors). It won't show any result details until the trial secretary has ticked a box to say they are finalised.

And the trial secretary can also send out an email to all competitors (Send Notification page) in case you need to get a message out (eg. catering or change of venue, etc).


This website has been written specifically to provide a cost-effective method of allowing not-for-profit organisations to facilitate online competitions entries.

Below are the costs applicable to clubs/groups wishing to use the system to run their competitions:

Number of entries (per competition day)Fee (in AUD)
Up to 100$15
Up to 250$34
Up to 500$55
Up to 1000$96
Up to 1500$141
Up to 2000$180
Over 2000On application

Clubs are automatically sent an invoice from K9 Entries after the competition has run. This is usually on the Sunday following the competition day.
Clubs that have not paid their invoice within 28 days of the invoice date will be set to unfinancial and will not be able to add further competitions until the invoice is paid. Unfinancial clubs will be charged a $20 reinstatement fee.

Trial Cancellation
Where a club cancels a trial after the close of entries date has passed, they will still be charged the full fee.
A club will not be charged if cancelling a trial before close of entries.
A club can reschedule a trial at no extra cost, and the invoice will be sent after the new entry close date.

It should be noted that K9 entries does not provide any equipment as required for running the website nor is it responsible for any equipment used by the club to run the website.
K9 Entries is used on an as-is basis, and while all efforts are made to ensure any bugs/errors are corrected as soon as possible, clubs/groups should determine their own contingencies if there are problems encountered when using the website.

As of Friday, 29th July, 2016, clubs will now be charged an additional $20 fee should the club contact Alison for assistance on the day of competition.

Prices effective 1 May 2024 and are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the interactive running order work?

The interactive running order is dependent upon (a) the results being entered ringside and (b) results being saved after each and every dog (for best effect).
This is the only way the website will 'know' when a dog has run. It is also good practice to save results after each dog has run.

How long do you keep my details?

Personal details are kept for 2 years past the last date that they were used for entry purposes.
Competition details are kept for 2 months past the date of the competition they were entered in for club reporting purposes.
Should your club require the data after this time, please contact us to make an arrangement (this will incur additional costs).

Who can see my data?

Personal details (except Name and Registration Numbers) are only available to the clubs that you enter competitions with.
They are not shared with other organisations or the governing bodies of the clubs by K9 Entries.

Where is my data?

k9entries servers are based in Sydney Australia.
The data is stored on multiple disks on multiple sites in the Sydney area.

How available is the system?

The servers have a 99.95% availability service level agreements in place.
This means:
The server rooms have multiple internet service providers and multiple fibre optic connections.
The servers have both battery and generator backup electricity systems.
In the unfortunate circumstance that the Sydney servers become unavailable, servers on other continents may come to be used.
The datacentres have multiple internet providers.
Other companies using our datacentres include, Suncorp, Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Melbourne City Council, Commonwealth Bank, Amazon Austraia, among others.

Is there the ability to run the website locally on competition day?

The Licensing agreement does not allow for the website to be run locally.
A club can arrange with the vendor to provide a file (in an agreed format) that may be used as input to an alternative system, at an additional cost. It should be noted that results will need to be supplied in a file (in an agreed format), if the club wants them to appear on the website.
The club may decide to use this option if they are not confident of their internet reliability. Alternatively, the club could also decide to print off scoresheets/scribesheets and other paperwork required for competition day and run the competition using the paper format and enter the results at a time/venue where they are guaranteed better internet access.

When is my data backed up?

Backups are done on nightly basis to 3 sites onto multiple disks.
The backups have a 99.9% availability service level agreements in place
This means:

How much data does the website use?

Typical usage of the system are indicated below, however the usage of the system is up to the individual and these results gathered may be very different to your experience
A typical competition day uses around:

What devices can I use?

Whilst fair efforts are made to anticipate differences in usage of devices, device choice is a personal preference and as such there is no guarantee that your device is compatible with the system.

What are the computer/laptop requirements?

To use K9 entries, you will need the following:

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